When thinking about France, cheese, the Eifel Tower, as well as champagne are the first things that pop into one’s mind. But this country is so much more especially for filmmakers. Hiring a production coordinator in France? Here’s what you need to know about finding the ideal one for your project.

Features of a top production coordinator in France

What are some of the features of a top production coordinator in France? It all comes down to experience. And not just how many productions they’ve coordinated but also how many of them are in the same domain as yours is. If the coordinator has worked in automotive ads, and you need someone for a French fine-dining project, that’s not a match. If instead they’ve worked here and there, and a bit everywhere, maybe they’ve got a better grasp on what’s to be done and when. Thus ensuring a smooth, productive coordination effort all through the project.

Language is another aspect to look into when hiring a production coordinator in France. Most French people speak English, but there are a lot of them who don’t. Including professionals in the movie business, unfortunately. You don’t want a coordinator who’s unable to understand half of the things your English-speaking staff is telling them. You need someone who’s well prepared in speaking and writing in English.¬†Even if we are talking about a small aspect, consider this: you’re on the set, ready to shoot, and you realize your coordinator can’t keep up with communication.

That’s a mini-disaster right there. And an expensive one. France is no cheap place, meaning your coordinator will ask for a good sum for their services. Double-check their experience, management skills, reaction to stress, and language powers before signing any deal with someone.

France filming tips and tricks

What’s it like to film in France? This country is known for many things all across the world. If you’ve ever been to a New Year’s Eve party, chances are you’ve had some fake champagne. Real champagne comes from the Champagne region in France only. It usually costs 10 times the price of some bubbly wine made to look and feel like champagne. If you want to film in France, and about champagne, the interest for this delicious beverage is always there and in high demand. Book your shooting days well in advance.

Filming with a production coordinator in France will surely be easier than without one for your crew. They know what to do with tricky situations, like filming permits, closing traffic on a street for a scene, or your hotel closing your bookings on half of your crew, just because. Their resources are probably the most potent advantage your production is getting from them, apart from the coordination job. It just makes things easier, having locals taking care of the overall production. It makes sense and, although not easy, filming with a manager will take care of a dozen of issues in no time.