In the not so distant past, France had a notorious reputation as one of the most expensive shooting locations. However, this changed since the announcement of some enhancement to the Tax Rebate for International Production. This generated a significant turnaround and drastic increase in the number of international productions in the country.

France Fixer is your best bet for making the most out of the options and locations available for filming in France. We can help you with local contacts and manage all logistics that will be needed for production here. You can drop us a line anytime.

Location Scouting in France

France is not short of iconic filming locations suitable for both modern and classic movies. Therefore it has been used for several big projects in recent times. Fifty-two international shootings took place partly or fully in different locations in France in 2017 alone. France also offers standard studio facilities. One of the notable ones in the capital city is Les Studios De Paris, where the popular movies Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets were shot.

France Fixer can assist you in finding desirable filming locations in France. Our film fixers can also help you get the best deal and secure permits when needed. Our local production fixer team has sufficient knowledge about weather conditions in different locations and can guide crews on the best time to film.

Crew Sourcing

France has a very good supply of highly skilled production staff trained to handle all aspects of production. Most have sufficient experience in working on international projects. France Fixer has links to the leading camera crew, sound operators & makeup artists. We can assist you in finding and hiring them.

Local Talent

France offers a pool of multilingual talent with diverse cultural backgrounds. Our film fixers can assist you with contacting local agencies for hiring local talents and get you the best deals.

Gear rental in France

France has several equipment rental companies with high-quality cameras, grips, lightning, and other filming equipment. France Fixer can help you get the best deals on filming equipment. However, if you decide to ship your equipment in, France is an ATA carnet country.