The film industry today would not be the same without France. The birth of cinematography is associated with the Lumière brothers. Since 1895 and until today, filmmaking has come along way and so have production services in France. As for their film festivals, they are now worldwide famous.

A Brief History Of The Film Industry & Production Services in France

The invention of the cinematograph laid the foundation for a booming film industry. From France to the rest of the world, cinematography managed to fascinate the public. The late19th century productions were mostly aimed at the middle class.

In less than a decade, production services in France boomed. Movies went from simple shots to the first sci-fi movie. The Lumière first film featured the arrival of a train in the station (L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat, 1895). The first science fiction production came seven years later, in 1902, with A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune).

By 1907, the French film company Gaumont owned and operated the largest movie studio in the world. The expansion of cinemas took things to a whole new level. But during World War1, the number of yearly French productions decreased drastically.

Until WWII, the film production trends shifted, from poetic realism to impressionist cinema. Then, the late 50s came with a new perspective on art film. The New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague) rejected traditional conventions. Filmmakers now preferred new approaches to narrative, editing, and visual style. Production services in France also widened their horizons this way.

The following decades popularized French films worldwide. The 70s had the Louis de Funès comedies and the caper films, while the 80s wore the mark of Cinema du look. Since the1990s, French cinema has been on an upward trend. French films keep earning awards and gaining international popularity.

French Film Festivals – An International Celebration of Art

France has the most successful film industry in Europe by the number of films produced per year. In2015, they had a record-breaking number of 300 feature-length movies. That translates as a highly potent industry and high standards for film quality.

The country’s productions generate enough revenue to make the industry self-sufficient. So production services in France can easily cover a wide array of filming needs. That determines filmmakers to find this country a safe haven. Plus, here they find a large number of film festivals, internationally acclaimed.

At the moment, France hosts around 33 film festivals every year. The oldest and most valued awards are, of course, granted at the Cannes Film Festival. Since 1939, this festival offers recognition to prestigious productions from across the world. As for more recent festivals, there is a special interest in Nigerian and Indian film since 2013. The Nollywood Week Paris and Toulouse Indian Film Festival are fully dedicated to them.

France has a long history of filmmaking. As its producers and actors reached the global market, they changed the world of film. Productions like The Fifth Element (1997) or The Artist (2011) gained unimaginable success. And these are only a few of the many acclaimed films with French origins.