France is one of the most offering places on Earth when it comes to movie production, including informative productions. Documentary production in France is all about timing, as well as finding those untold stories that are worth sharing with the world. Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Doing documentary production in France

Documentary production in France is without a doubt a challenge. Not the impossible kind, but the one that gives you a reason to keep pushing to get to the best final product that you can. Filming in France abides by the general laws of the European Union, which state that you can pretty much film anywhere unless it is a private location. Or if the location is public but requires you to buy a special film permit for it. Museums, palaces, and many other places in Paris or across the country will have you get a pass.

While not very expensive, these passes will put a dent in your budget. This is to be expected from any developed country that relies on tourism for its internal revenue. France is famous all over the world for its destinations in and outside of Paris, so you can expect crowds everywhere. This is why putting on a schedule for your documentary production in France, and sticking to it no matter what is essential for a great experience. Begin by delimiting filming days and then move to hours. pick the hours of the morning when you shoot b-rolls and keep away from public spaces as much as you can.

If you do need to shoot in the street, call the police for assistance in maybe deriving traffic from your location for a few minutes. This requires no further permits, just ask them nicely and they will almost every time help you out. After all your documentary will help their country with tourism and cultural awareness overseas.

Amazing facts about France

While shooting in this country is pretty straightforward, documentary production in France is all about finding that untold story that is worthy of its own video. To help you make up your mind, if you haven’t already, here are some incredible facts about France you might’ve never heard of. For example, did you know that France is the most visited country in the world by tourists? It’s not just a guess, but a reality.

France is a great food destination, and for good reasons. They eat more than 25000 tons of snails every year and produce over 1500 types of cheese. While big eaters, the French are obliged by law to not throw food away, supermarkets risking being shut down if they do. And speaking of laws and governments, France has had the shortest king to have ever ruled any country. His ruling lasted for only 20 minutes, after which Louis XIX abdicated from the throne. That story alone is worthy of a documentary.