France is rich in filming locations, and there is no scarcity of local talents either. France Fixer will help you maximize all of the country’s unique locations and get the best from filming in France.

The love and romance capital of the world is one of the leading global exporters of movies. Many films, both in English and French, are produced in the country every year. The Oscar-nominated movie Amelie which was a hit all over the world was filmed in Paris.

Filming in Paris

Filming on the streets of Paris requires you to get a permit form the Paris film office. However, this might not be required for small scale shooting. This applies when shooting with fewer than ten people and with minimal equipment. In this case, you will only need to secure the consent of the Prefecture de Police of the city.

Permits generally take about a week to process. Filming is free for most landmarks in the city.

You can obtain permits to film in locations like the Champs Elysees and Louvre Museum and so on. There are times when a location fee is required and sometimes can be up to 50,000 euros. Insurance is required in all cases even for a b-roll shoot.

Filming Around France

Apart from big cities, the country also has several small and charming rustic towns such as the Midi-Pyrenees region where Stephen Spielberg’s “The Hundred-Foot Journey” was filmed.

Our seasoned team of French fixers can help with securing local permits for filming both in public and private locations whenever it is required.

Tax Rebate

The French government offers a 30% tax rebate for non-French films that are shooting in the country either fully or partially. Filmmakers have to apply for and pass a cultural test about the French and European elements in the story. However, there are conditions for qualification. This includes the fact that action feature movies must shoot for a minimum of five days with minimum spending of €250,000. Our French fixers assist international companies with these and every other aspect of filming.