France is at the top of global destinations when it comes to tourism, food, beverages, and culture in the broader sense. This makes this European giant into a great movie-making location. If you plan on shooting a movie there, hiring a film fixer in France is a great way to start.

Film fixer in France – a short guide

Let’s see what a film fixer in France has to do to be considered good. France is a great destination for any movie-making, which means a fixer will have all the great secrets about it under its sleeve. So for starters, a good fixer is familiar with all of the greatest locations for filming in the country. How can you be sure they know the hidden gems? Test them! Ask them for a top-five locations list for filming in France that nobody knows about. If you can’t identify 3 of the 5 locations on the spot, you’re on the right track of hiring the ideal fixer.

Another feature of a great film fixer in France is having to do with their knowledge about movie production. Everything having to do with the production is crucial for a fixer, as they have to be ready to intervene when issues come up. A fixer has to know the equipment, software, actors and extras, location finding, and everything else. Including logistics, such as renting hotel rooms, finding transportation options for the crew, and managing the daily schedule on the set.

Finally, a great fixer in France is unquestionably great with English and French languages. This is to ensure you and your crew are never short of communicating with locals, should you need to collaborate with them. Bridging the language gap between your staff and locals is essential for a good experience in any country.

Where to find a fixer in France

The best place to start when trying to hire a film fixer in France is obviously Paris. The capital and largest city in France is the main point of interest when it comes to movie production. Here’s where you’ll find all of the main movie production companies in France. And where you’re most likely going to meet your fixer, or any other auxiliary staff members, including extras and even actors. If you can’t find your fixer in Paris, or your headquarters are outside the capital, then any other main city in the country will do the trick.

If you can’t find the right fixer with a movie production company, hire a local who’s working on a freelance basis. Freelancers are even more entitled to do a great job, as every single job they’re making is directly going to impact their future work. Freelancers rely on portfolios to get more work, so they will surely do a great job for a nice 5 stars review. Regardless of whether your fixer is a freelancer or a full-time employee of a video-making company, having them committed is crucial.