Famous all over the world for the delicious food and precious wine or champagne, incredible castles, world-class museums, and delightful natural scenery, France has got it all. Hiring a production assistant in France is a great idea for any production, regardless if it’s a movie, TV series, or documentary.

Top reasons for hiring a production assistant in France

Why should you hire a production assistant in France, if you’re about to pursue your video production in this amazing country? The benefits are many, of course. For starters, a well-established assistant on the ground and raised locally will surely be able to give you that insight, that information that will set you above your competition. Knowing the places where you’re about to film is crucial to a successful day on set. Speaking of which, many are the hidden gems that France can offer, even though this country is one of the most visited in the world every year.

For example, you can make an incredible movie or TV series with Eguisheim from the Alsace region in the background. This village looks straight out of a fairytale, with its charming small houses, wooden gates, superb walkways, and other scenery pieces perfect for any production. For an even more spectacular, breathtaking backdrop, look for a place called Monet’s Garden in Normandy. This place is unique and superb, and not easy to get into for filming crews. This is why, again, hiring the ideal production assistant in France is crucial for the good workings of your next big hit.

Finally, another place you might want to look into when filming in France is Menton or the hidden gem of famous Cote d’Azur. To name this place “incredible” would be a total understatement. Just Google it, and see for yourself just how surreal it is.

Rules of filming in France      

A good production assistant in France is not just talented when it comes to finding places for your next shooting. This individual should be particularly familiar with a key element of any good production crew, namely laws, and regulations. France is heavily relying on tourism, which means whatever place you choose for filming your new production, you’ll have to literally compete with tourists from all over the world when buying yourself some set time. And the prices are naturally not cheap, as France has some of the most visited destinations on earth within its borders.

The people who’re going to be working for you and are local shave to be very well prepared in dealing with things like filming permits, hotel accommodations, catering, transportation, everything that is related to a large group of people, namely the crew, and the good workings of their jobs. Other than the legal part, and the financials, filming in France is no different than anywhere else. You’ll be met with professionalism and kindness, as well as with a general sense of relaxation and ease from the locals. Enjoying the production days that are rather long should be a tad easier in this superb country.