The cinema industry and film locations in France share a fruitful love story. Over the decades, numerous productions found the right backdrop in this enchanting land. Aside from the City of Lights, a star among locations, there are many telegenic regions. And filmmakers going the extra mile got their reward.

Most Scenic Film Locations In France

From the dawn of (cinema) time, there is no doubt Paris has been a favorite spot for many filmmakers. But France boasts telegenic locations and they deserve a bit of justice. Fortunately, there is also quite a list to reveal this country’s potential. When it comes to spots that look great on film, Provence or the French Riviera are only the tip of the iceberg. These regions have been the home of productions starring big names of the industry. Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp are only a few who came to shoot on such film locations in France.

Turning cameras and setting the action in the south of France is not something new. The French Riviera has lent its stunning scenery to many productions for a while now. Two for the Road (1967) with Audrey Hepburn is one cinematic treasure shot here. And no wonder, given the irresistible Mediterranean views, blending here with high mountains. Plus, one cannot think of the movie industry without Cannes.

For a more mellow scenery, the wine-producing region of Burgundy is a top pick. Vineyards are always telegenic, but so are the villages in the area. They all had a share of the limelight, with productions like Chocolat(2000) or Back to Burgundy(2017).

Other remarkable film locations in France include Bordeaux, with its awe-inspiring Belle – Époque interiors. As for the bohemians, lavender-scented Provence is already known from A Good Year (2006).

Carefully curated, any location in France can become the perfect match for your film.

Top Spots To Shoot In Paris

The City of Lights occupies a special spot among film locations in France. And that comes as no surprise if we look at how many architectural gems one can spot across it. Of course, there are some iconic places that filmmakers hardly skip.

The timeless Tour Eiffel is, by far, the easiest to recognize. No story taking place in Paris can avoid at least a shot of this man-made wonder. From any angle, it simply looks stunning. Numerous productions have included at least one glimpse of it. Or a lot more, if we look at Netflix’s Emily in Paris (2020).

Another eye-catching location has a movie with its name – Moulin Rouge!(2001). Stirring the viewers’ imagination and curiosity, the place asks for attention.

Amélie (2001) proves how whimsical the neighborhood of Montmartre can look. Found on top of a hill, it is perfect for Belle Époque films too.

If you are looking to build dreams, check out the Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge, featured in Inception (2010).

Another worthy mention is Place de la Concorde. Fashion fanatics will recognize it from The Devil Wears Prada (2006).

So, have you decided? Where in France would you like to shoot next?