France Fixer: Trusted Production Support for Journalists & Filmmakers 

France Fixer is an enthusiastic team of seasoned professionals with in-depth background in production and journalism. Our company also boasts in years of experience working with international media organizations.

As fixers coverings all of France, we offer top quality fixer services such as general assistance, production management or location permits for filming in France. We also carry out fact checking, research and logistics services.

Our fixer services cover all of France, so whatever your choice of location is, whether the plush streets of the city of love and romance, or a remote village, we have contacts everywhere to handle all aspects of production adequately. This makes it completely easy for international media companies that work with when filming in France.

Are you a filmmaker, production company or foreign journalist? Contact us to fix your production in France.  

Our services include:

Crew hiring

We can help source for local crew members in France experienced with international shoots.

Production support

France Fixer carries out general fixing, local research and translation services.

Locations: permits and scouting

We scout for choice locations and secure permits and release forms when needed.

Equipment rental

We work with several rental companies offering top-quality gear for rent.

Scheduling and logistics

Best deals on basic logistics like catering, accommodation, transports and so on.


On a budget? You can rest easy with us in charge.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

General research, fact checking, access, logistics

TV commercials

Locations, logistics and crew sourcing through local partners.

General production assistance

Our French production fixers act as a one-stop-shop for any requirements.

Film production

Affordable options for documentary producers & filmmakers.

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Local kit hire & crew sourcing all around France.

Location scouting & permits

Our fixers can sort location permits and gain access to places throughout the country.

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